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Classes and the Library

Class Visits

All classes visit the Library weekly. 

During library visits students may borrow and return books. 

Classes participate in research activities linked to classroom topics. They also learn how to locate resources and information.


Library Days                                                                                                



5/6T    5/6P  5/6K  5/6L  5/6C  5/6G


3/4H  3/4L  3/4T  3/4K  3/4R  4D  3/4F


K Red   K Green  K/1C  K Purple  1/2T  K Blue


   2W  2G  2C  1P  1M  1F


K/6T  K/6D  K/6M


pic 5


All students are able to borrow books during Library visits. They also have the opportunity to read and browse during this time.

During their 30/40 minute lesson students are involved in activities to learn more about researching and presenting information.

Students participate in lessons to further their learning about how to select and record relevant information from books and online sources. They use computers and books to search for information.

Activities in the library are designed to complement and support classroom activities.pencils