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Primary students on the move in Maths


This week Year 3-6 Maths students are on the move to different classrooms, with different peers and a different teacher to help them to grow.


Last week all students completed a formative assessment in Whole Number and Addition. Students showed great focus and grit in working through the tiered questions papers.


Stage 2 and 3 teachers participated in an afternoon Assessment Moderation Marking Session to be able to see clearly where each student is currently sitting in their application of mathematical skills.


Students partook in a feedback session, where they were able to see where they are currently sitting in their ability to work mathematically, and were given the opportunity to reflect on this standard of achievement to set goals for how they plan to stretch their learning behaviours and deepen their understanding.


Teachers emphasised in the feedback session what we value at Dubbo South Public School, is not the highest score, but growth. We are all working together to ensure every student grows in Maths because their future employment, health and happiness depends greatly on this important subject.


Data has been entered in our new specially designed database and analysed by teachers to create new student groups for the next 3 weeks to ensure every student is getting what they need to keep growing. Students who have shown strength in Whole Number and Addition are moving onto greater challenges in a specially designed STEM unit. Students who are still developing their understanding will be given targeted support in explicit Whole Number and Addition lessons to be able to give them more clarity and practice to master skills.


The Stage 2 and 3 teams of committed professionals are looking forward to this new flexible and collaborative approach. We have designed this approach so we can draw on the diverse expertise and experiences of all our teachers to be able to reach our goal of moving all of our students forward in mathematics.


Armed with their new Maths folder, students were happily on the move to their new classrooms and looking forward to opportunities to strengthen their skills and achieve their growth goals when they all re-sit the same assessments in Week 10.


The students complete the same tests again so teachers can measure rates of growth and reflect on their individual and collective impact on student learning.


Students have certainly shown great enthusiasm and flexibility in this new approach.


Completed assessments will be sent home to parents and carers in early Term 2, so you can see just how hard your child/children are working to thrive and shine in Mathematics.


If you would like to support their learning at homes, go to education.nsw.gov.au/everyday-maths to make use of the excellent practical advice and resources in the Everyday Maths Hub.


Forward always in Learning.


Mrs Natalie Polak

Instructional Leader - Learning and Curriculum